Ohio Leaders Call for Action on Water Quality

Researchers take water samples

By Andrew Flinn – Brownfield Ag News

Two Ohio leaders tell Brownfield it’s time to act on reducing phosphorous runoff 40-percent by 2025, the plan agreed to last year.

Craig Butler, Director of the Ohio EPA says investments in research and nutrient management practices have been made and now agriculture has to demonstrate how those investments are starting to pay off.

“If we’re going to be able to meet this target of 40 percent reduction, we’re going to need monitoring and we need to be able to show the public that investment is worth it. That it’s leading to actual results in reduction of phosphorous in the western basin and into Lake Erie,” says Butler.

Ohio Director of Agriculture David Daniels agrees with Butler on a need for action, but…

“While the time for action is now, we also continue to hear with that, that the time for research is over. And that’s just not true. We need to continue to work on the research that is taking place out there, not only in our learning institutions but also out there in the field as well,” says Daniels.

Brownfield interviewed Directors Butler and Daniels at the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Statewide launch event last week. The certification will be available to ag retailers and consultants statewide starting January 1st.

Click here to listen to testimony from Directors Butler and Daniels.